Ziploc Baggie Cover

Normally Mondays are the worst day of the week.  I am sure most people will agree and this one was no exception until I got home from teaching class tonight and found a package waiting for me :>)) I entered a contest in March that Embroidery Academy was hosting and I won the Grand prize which was Master Works II Digitizing Software and it came in the mail today. YIPPEEE!!  I can’t wait to install it and see what all it can do.

The class I taught tonight was on the ziploc baggie cover.   The goldfish applique is a freebie from Planet Applique and the word “Snacks” was created using Monogram Wizard software. I will post the tutorial for this project soon so keep checking back or subscribe to my blog and you will receive an email when I have added it.  These are great for toddler snacks, doggie bags or you can even get bigger baggies and use them to store fabric for your quilting/craft projects.


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