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I DID IT!  I FINALLY DID IT!  I opened my Etsy store as of today ~ YIPPEEE!!!  This has definitely been a labor of love for me!  I had no idea opening an Etsy store would be so much work!!  I am thrilled to announce it is finally up and going.  The long awaited Screen It Up tote bag is my very first pattern for sale.  Yes, there is only ONE pattern up for now but there will be plenty more to follow.

 So please go take a look and of course buy my pattern :>))

Click HERE to go to my Etsy Shop.

If you don’t want to make the tote bag with embroidery~ no problem.  Here is a picture without it and it is just as adorable!  With all the cute fabrics out there, the possibilities are limitless on what theme or color scheme you can use to create this fabulous bag.


My newest creation……The Panty Pack

Here is my latest creation  ~ The Panty Pack.  It is a travel bag for your undies.  There are two  separate compartments to hold your worn and unworn delicates.    You can personalize the bag by using  your favorite fabrics and trims.  You could even put an initial on the panty applique to monogram it.  The tutorial comes with the applique, embroidery for the lettering (in the most popular formats) and lots of pictures to guide you step by step.  

This  would make a great present for someone that loves to travel and would even be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid’s gifts.  

I’m proud to say that Pellon  has posted this project to their website.  You can click here to find the tutorial.   I will also add a link under my tutorial section for easy access.  While you’re at the Pellon site, be sure to look at the projects other artists have created.  There are some cute things on there and the good thing is they are all FREE.    Happy Sewing.


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