~~Twister Ruler ~~


Twister Pattern - easy with the Twister Ruler!

@Karen Kromer - uses the L'il Twister ruler AND the mini quilt stand - too cute!  These are sooo cute!

I wouldn’t call myself a quilter but this Twister Ruler definitely has intrigued me.   From the way I understand it, you sew either 5″ or 10″ blocks together (depending on the size of the twister ruler you use) and then you lay the twister ruler on the blocks and cut around it and then sew them back together to produce a “twister” quilt.  Pretty cool huh?  I am such a sucker for gadgets!  I found these adorable quilts on Pinterest and it says they are made using the ruler.  I think I might like to give this a whirl.  Maybe it will turn me into a quilter?  So if Santa is listening, I would REALLY like one of these in my stocking please :>)  In fact, I made it easy for you, I found a place that has a combo Twister & Lil Twister Ruler set so you don’t have to ponder over which size to get me…….just get both.   


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